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The course is open, trolleys and buggies may be used until further notice. Updated: 18th Jun 2022

Men's Open - Hyde Trophy 2014

Saturday 10th May 2014, White Tees, Copt Heath

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]x
1st Robert Crew(10)  70
2nd Luke Brown(6)  Stoneleigh Deer Park Golf Club71
3rd Graham Barker(8) 71
4th Karl Young(6)  Robin Hood71
5th Nigel Taylor(5)  Redditch Kingfisher72
6th Simon Maisey(5)  Coventry72
7th Joe Millard(4) 72
8th Richard Shaw(1)  Enville73
9th Andrew Bushnell(11)  Beau Desert73
10th John Phillips(6)  Ladbrook Park73
11th Stephen Thomas(11)  Ladbrook Park73
12th Ross Popescu(3)  Enville73
13th Dean Lee(6)  Naunton Downs Golf Club74
14th Matthew Pugh(6)  Stoneleigh Deer Park Golf Club74
15th Martin Fell(4) 74
16th Jason Bolton(4)  Ross-on-Wye74
17th Ben Silver(4)  Hallmark The Welcombe 74
18th David Bower(20) 75
19th Steve Watton(3)  Churchill & Blakedown75
20th Stephen Smith(18)  Hagley75
21st John Gatehouse(10)  Enville75
22nd Matthew Gannon(5)  Ladbrook Park75
23rd Andy Downes(8)  Naunton Downs76
24th A Coleman(7)  Rookery Park76
25th Gary Skipp(4)  Robin Hood76
26th Kevin Johnson(6)  Hagley Golf & Country Club76
27th David Smith(8)  Hollywood Golf Club Ltd Golf Club76
28th adam finch(12)  Robin Hood Golf Club (Solihull)76
29th Michael Darby(6)  Chipping Sodbury77
30th Andrew Podmore(7)  Harborne Church Farm77
31st MARK SMITH(5)  The Kidderminster77
32nd David Vint(11) 77
33rd Philip Bedford(4)  Wharton Park77
34th Trevor Lawrence(12) 77
35th Stephen Keay(2)  Harborne 77
36th Ashley Maxwell-Keys(10)  Lakeside Golf Club77
37th Stephen White(16)  Ladbrook Park77
38th Michael Martin(16)  Robin Hood Golf Club (Solihull)77
39th Phillip Mitchell(20)  Robin Hood Golf Club (Solihull)78
40th Simon Davis(6)  Ladbrook Park78
41st Michael Higgins(11)  Robin Hood78
42nd Pete Podmore(8)  Harborne Church Farm78
43rd Richard Tubey(4)  Ladbrook Park78
44th David Sturdee(12) 78
45th Colin Walker(3)  Enville78
46th Andrew Osborne(6)  Ladbrook Park78
47th Robert Cook(13)  Hagley78
48th Maurice Mansfield(15) 78
49th Nigel Harris(16)  Northampton78
50th Robin Hartley(6)  The Warwickshire78
51st Lee Nixon(15)  Robin Hood Golf Club (Solihull)79
52nd Roy Trevor Brown(7)  Walmley79
53rd James Clapham(16) 79
54th Jon Salt(4)  Brocton Hall79
55th Ross Taylor(10)  Robin Hood79
56th Lee Baker(8)  Ladbrook Park79
57th Anthony Moir(10) 79
58th D Porter(9)  Rookery Park79
59th John Bezzant(14) 79
60th Thomas Hare(10) 79
61st Michael Topliss(5) 80
62nd Stephen Ward(16) 80
63rd Mark Foster(14) 80
64th Andrew Harris(5)  Chipping Sodbury80
65th Jeff Bissenden(13)  Edgbaston Golf Club81
66th Philip Parkin(13) 81
67th John Keenaghan(5)  Chipping Sodbury81
68th Jason White(6)  Beau Desert81
69th Adrian Volz(13)  Hollywood Golf Club Ltd Golf Club81
70th R Dawson(7)  Rookery Park81
71st Colin Salcombe(14)  Vale Golf & Country Club81
72nd Peter Jinks(8)  Robin Hood81
73rd Steven Harper(20) 82
74th David Payne(12) 82
75th Andrew Greasley(13)  Luffenham Heath82
76th Ted Kenrick(18)  Hollywood Golf Club Ltd Golf Club82
77th David Middleton(7)  Ladbrook Park82
78th George Gray(6) 83
79th Philip Walker(11)  Robin Hood Golf Club (Solihull)83
80th Daniel Eason(5)  The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club83
81st Lyndon Tyler(17)  Hagley83
82nd Bryan Pearson(17)  Hagley84
83rd David O'rourke(10)  Droitwich84
84th Greig Young(17) 84
85th Anthony Cutler(13)  Hagley85
86th Carl Williams(9)  Northampton85
87th Philip Buckley(15)  Kings Norton Golf Club85
88th Ashley Wilding(5)  Robin Hood86
89th Brian Horton(15)  Hagley86
90th Christopher Edwards(7) 86
91st Robert Lancaster(15)  Conwy(Caernarvonshire) Golf Club86
92nd Tom Beavon(20)  Kings Norton Golf Club86
93rd Arnie Williams(12)  Royal North Devon Golf Club87
94th Frank Bustin(14)  Northampton87
95th Peter Ashford(12)  Aberdovey Golf Club87
96th Keith Yates(13)  Stourbridge88
97th Sir Terry Morgan CBE(20) 88
98th A Wicks(13)  Rookery Park88
99th Ian Donnelly(11)  The Worcestershire88
100th Terry Smith(13)  York Golf Club (Yorkshire)90
101st Stephen Wright(15)  Naunton Downs Golf Club92
102nd Leigh Beavon(15)  Hatchford Brook Golf ClubNR
103rd Christopher Southall(15)  HagleyNR
104th Sean Rogers(6)  NR
105th Jason Toth(14)  Robin Hood Golf Club (Solihull)NR
106th Edward Allington(15)  Hagley Golf & Country ClubNR
107th Mark Brady(14) NR
108th Paul Knight(19) NR
109th Matthew Fell(16) NR
110th Jim Murray(15) WD

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