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Clare Dowling

Former British Amateur Stroke Play Champion, Irish International, Captain of Great Britain & Ireland Curtis Cup team (2000)

I owe most of my achievements in golf to my late father. Although he was not a professional golfer, he was a very good single figure amateur with a passionate interest in the theory of the golf swing. To him it was all about how it should feel, rather than what it should look like. It is for this reason that I have particularly taken to Ed’s style of teaching. Although I know that he has a very comprehensive technical knowledge, he does not over-complicate his advice. We may explore several different options when addressing a particular problem but soon focus on just one, and almost always related to how the swing or stroke should feel.

The icing on the cake, though, is Ed’s enthusiasm – you finish a lesson feeling excited and really keen to take what we have been working on to the course.

Robert Harrison

Having played Golf for some 40 years to a reasonable standard (handicap 11), it came as quite a shock to me that following a medical condition, I needed to change my golf swing, if indeed I wanted to continue to enjoy playing the game. A major change was required and after discussing the problem with Ed Hornsby (Golf Professional Copt Heath GC), a phased programme of changes was agreed. At the time of writing, 4 lessons have been completed and already the outcomes are very encouraging indeed.

Ed has a very comforting style to his teaching which conveys a supportive approach to the task that we set ourselves. His knowledge of the mechanics of the golf swing is first class and it is this aspect more than anything, that has enabled us to make such rapid progress after such a short time. The progress that has been made has certainly surprised me and given me a determination to continue and a optimism that I can look forward to playing golf to a reasonable standard into the future.

Mark Robbins

Ed’s teaching methods focus not only on the swing, stance and all the other things that many teaching pros try to make you change but importantly on how to play the game in your mind, getting the right mental approach. He has helped me improve my game substantially, especially in the area of developing and implementing a set routine for every shot played. This slows me down, dramatically reduces unforced errors and above all has enabled me to enjoy playing the game far more than in recent years. I thoroughly recommend him to help golfers make the best of their assets and to get the right mindset.

Paul Harben

Ed has been my chosen coach for many years, he is not your stereotypical golf pro. He is attentive, thorough, approachable and focused on your improvement. Overall, my experience under Ed has been most positive and I would be happy to recommend him and his methods to anyone.

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