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Course Open No Restrictions Enjoy your round! Updated: 9th Jul 2024

Men's Open - Hyde Trophy 2023

Saturday 13th May 2023, White Tees, Copt Heath

(95% handicap allowance)

Prizes for 1st to 5th Nett in each division and best gross.

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]
1st Roger Neale(4)  Hallmark The Welcombe 67
2nd Nic Pomeroy(15)  Burnham & Berrow68
3rd Andy Boyes(16)  Walmley69
4th Tom Leatherbarrow(10)  Gaudet Luce71
5th Paul Dakin(-1) 71
6th Mark Hayward(17)  Dudley72
7th David Morris(4) 72
8th Chris Mander(15)  Druids Heath72
9th Philip Poole(9)  Kings Norton Golf Club73
10th Matt Swift(5)  The Chase73
11th Ken Spencer(2)  Bramcote Waters73
12th Mark Smith(5)  The Kidderminster73
13th Scott Kirby(19)  Rose Hill73
14th Nicholas Reay(12)  Moseley74
15th Johnny Casswell(6)  Prestwich74
16th Jon Coulles(10)  Robin Hood74
17th Peter Makepeace(11)  Stonebridge Golf Centre74
18th Alex Frith(2) 74
19th Gary Ford(9) 75
20th Matthew Cohen(4)  South Herts75
21st Nick Morgan(4)  The Chase75
22nd Marcus Bentley(10)  Robin Hood75
23rd Steven Watton(-1)  Churchill & Blakedown75
24th Ashley Wilding(1)  Robin Hood75
25th Chris Franks(10) 75
26th Adam Hodgetts(6)  The Chase75
27th Craig Pates(3)  Moseley75
28th Christopher Upsher(16)  The Chase75
29th Peter Cooper(10)  Nuneaton75
30th Dan Simpson(9)  Bicester Hotel Golf & Spa75
31st James (Jim) Kirby(17)  Kings Norton Golf Club75
32nd Simon Nicholls(18)  Druids Heath75
33rd Stephen Murphy(5)  Maxstoke Park76
34th Paul Blake(14)  Moseley76
35th Simon Kay(1)  Ashridge76
36th Gary Kilmister(14)  Stourbridge76
37th Glynn Taylor(11)  The Chase76
38th Nigel Astley(13)  Olton76
39th Richard Essex(2)  Pastures76
40th Chris Titterington(4)  The Kendleshire76
41st Lee Jones(15)  Redditch76
42nd John Cox(7)  Kirtlington76
43rd Chris Becque(17)  Stonebridge Golf Centre77
44th Simon Ayers(18)  Nuneaton77
45th Michael Holmes(6)  Churchill & Blakedown77
46th Paul Bond(11)  Redditch77
47th Stuart Kirby(5)  Kings Norton Golf Club77
48th Alan Turton(6)  Ullesthorpe Court78
49th Justin McGrath(12)  Ladbrook Park78
50th Geraint Mills(4)  Sherdons Golf Centre78
51st Hayden Burford(2)  Newark78
52nd Peter McGarry(14) 78
53rd David Vint(10) 78
54th Thomas Brittain(8)  Moseley78
55th Tony Rudd(10)  Stonebridge Golf Centre78
56th Jason Bolton(4)  Ross-on-Wye78
57th Jonny Mear(2)  Kings Norton Golf Club79
58th Chris Brown(3)  North Warwickshire79
59th John Underwood(5)  Nuneaton79
60th Richard Tennant(17)  Robin Hood79
61st Bob Peacock(2)  South Herts79
62nd Nick Cope(14)  The Belfry 79
63rd David Byrne(11) 79
64th Peter Allott(7)  Thetford79
65th Will Clarke(6)  Cotswold Hills79
66th Mark Dunkley(0)  Moseley79
67th James Kirby(15)  Kings Norton Golf Club80
68th John Mackin(8)  Bromsgrove80
69th Kevin Benton(12)  Ellesborough Golf Club80
70th Tom Nicholls(16)  Leamington & County80
71st Michael Hosfield(6)  Moseley80
72nd Matthew Reid(12)  Stonebridge Golf Centre80
73rd Keith Mustow(3)  Cotswold Hills80
74th Matthew Betts(8)  Stonebridge Golf Centre80
75th Peter David Bryant(7)  The Chase81
76th Mick Parker(17)  Glen Gorse81
77th Richard Alger(6)  Thetford81
78th Scott Walker(16)  Nuneaton81
79th Ian Sallows(6)  Bromsgrove81
80th Phil Dyke(4)  Bromsgrove81
81st Douglas Loveday(13)  Nuneaton81
82nd Estevan Silva(10)  Woburn82
83rd Richard Tooth(20)  Kings Norton Golf Club82
84th Mark Downton(10)  Cotswold Hills82
85th Stephen Harriman(0)  Maxstoke Park82
86th David Stewart(4)  Murcar Links Golf Club82
87th Ian Loader(15)  Oake Manor82
88th Paul Bowley(10)  Robin Hood83
89th Mark Baker(20)  Kings Norton Golf Club83
90th Mark Brady(10) 83
91st Andrew Tennant(20)  Great Barr84
92nd Justin Hayes(13)  Walmley84
93rd Mick Jones(13)  Nuneaton84
94th Neil Clarke(10)  Arscott84
95th Dan Jones(6)  Nuneaton85
96th Roy Brown(6)  Walmley86
97th Alfonso Carter(15)  Moseley86
98th Simon Gardner(19)  Orchardleigh86
99th Martin Hitchman(10)  Stonebridge Golf Centre86
100th Toby Shaw(13)  Robin Hood87
101st Paul Riches(6)  Lutterworth87
102nd Marshall O'Donnell(20)  Stonebridge Golf Centre88
103rd Duncan Ralston(13)  The Leicestershire88
104th Gary Parker(10)  Olton88
105th Obi Okwuadigbo(11)  Woburn91
106th Mark Woolford(10) 91
107th David Stallwood(12)  Bedfordshire92
108th Paul Kirby(11)  Kings Norton Golf ClubNR
109th Alex Grafton(16)  CoventryNR

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