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Wednesday 17th April Course Open, All Holes. Trolleys allowed. Buggies allowed on holes 10 - 15 and 18 ONLY. Please follow all Ropes on 1st & 16th Updated: 17th Apr 2024

Greens update 5


The long spell of fine weather has enabled work on the greens to progress well, we are on schedule.

5th 6th , 3rd and 2nd  are in recovery, with excellent recovery noted on the 5th & 6th. 7th is in progress of being drained and if the weather holds the 8th and potentially the 1st started this week.

That is the good news.

However, Tom has noticed that Anthracnose is evident on some greens. As mentioned in my last update this is a common occurrence on POA dominant greens, in late summer especially. The risk of this disease is increased considerably if the plant has been previously over-fed with Nitrogen based fertilizers and then a drop is made. Our plan is to produce and provide sustainable surfaces, this is as per Tom’s reports. We have  to continue to reduce inputs, water & nitrogen, but the greens are considered, by R&A, to be over fed this season (100kg of nitrogen applied). We are ideally looking to apply around 80kg of nitrogen in future over 12 months. We do not know what level of nitrogen was applied previously; we have reduced from last year. Transition is HARD, it takes time but does work.

The following advice is both interesting and relevant.

We must ensure each green receives only correct nutrition to keep the grass in a healthy condition – but we also look to promote finer grasses with reduced nutrition.

Relieve compaction with aeration. Reduce the amount of traffic on the green

Reduce the thatch layer to an acceptable level.

As anthracnose predominantly attacks annual meadow grass (POA), reduce the amount of this grass by encouraging disease resistant grasses and good management practices.

Raising the height of cut on the mower to help combat the spread of anthracnose.

Reduce the time that the leaf surface remains wet by removing early morning dews as soon as possible

Prune back tree branches and any excess vegetation.  Reduce shade, promote air movement, thus allowing the grass to dry quicker.

We are doing all of the above. Look out for the next update.


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