Copt Heath Golf Club


Course Status

The course is open, trolleys and buggies may be used. Updated: 26th May 2022

Men's Open - Hyde Trophy 2022

Saturday 14th May 2022, White Tees, Copt Heath

(95% handicap allowance)

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]x
1st James Davey(10)  Maxstoke Park65
2nd Kieran Bharat(10) 66
3rd Gordon Hilley(12)  Harborne Church Farm66
4th David Morris(4) 69
5th Steve Dutton(4)  Maxstoke Park70
6th Martin Fell(3) 71
7th Robert Ryan(12)  Hollywood Golf Club Ltd Golf Club72
8th Lee Jeniec(13)  Puckrup Hall Hotel &72
9th MR TIMOTHY H JAMES(10)  Leamington & County72
10th Paul Williams(10) 72
11th MARK SMITH(4)  The Kidderminster72
12th Jake Hawkins(17)  Maxstoke Park73
13th Mark Wilkinson(15) 73
14th Tom Rowland(11)  Moseley73
15th Daniel Rory Robinson(8)  Nuneaton74
16th Tony Rudd(10)  Stonebridge Golf Centre74
17th Simon Nicholls(17)  Druids Heath74
18th Brian England(8)  North Oxford74
19th David Stallwood(14)  Bedfordshire74
20th Thomas Suttle(4)  Hollywood Golf Club Ltd Golf Club74
21st Michael Dunphy(10)  Moseley74
22nd john UNDERWOOD(5)  Nuneaton74
23rd Alex Frith(3) 74
24th simon ayers(16)  Nuneaton74
25th Chris Franks(11) 75
26th Marcus Bentley(9)  Robin Hood75
27th John Hutton(12)  Herefordshire75
28th Gareth Griffiths(13)  Kirtlington75
29th Peter Jinks(9)  Robin Hood75
30th John Bezzant(15) 75
31st Jason Lane(4)  Moseley75
32nd Stuart Kirby(4)  Kings Norton Golf Club76
33rd Martin Gummery(16)  The Worcestershire76
34th Timothy Raymond Smith(15)  Kirtlington76
35th David John McMahon(10)  Shirley76
36th Thomas Brittain(8)  Moseley76
37th Mick Jones(12)  Nuneaton76
38th James Carty(5)  Moseley76
39th Peter Cooledge(1)  Lingdale76
40th Andrew Lilley(13) 77
41st Jon Coulles(10)  Robin Hood77
42nd Chris Norman(4)  Moseley77
43rd Alfonso Carter(17)  Moseley77
44th Chris Wagstaff(7)  Lilley Brook77
45th Jez Ainsworth(10)  Rushcliffe77
46th John Pugh(2)  Moseley77
47th Stuart Weston(17)  Broome Manor77
48th Fintan Farrelly(12)  Shirley78
49th James C kirby(14)  Redditch78
50th Roy Trevor Brown(7)  Walmley78
51st Will Jones(12)  The Worcestershire78
52nd Alan Shimmon(9)  Moseley78
53rd Matthew Page(7)  Hinckley78
54th Nicholas Freeman(17)  Moseley78
55th Frans Loomans(19)  Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands78
56th Gary Broome(13)  Maxstoke Park78
57th Stephen Ward(18) 79
58th Richard Young(10)  Hollywood Golf Club Ltd Golf Club79
59th jim kirby(16)  Kings Norton Golf Club79
60th Andrew Passman(11)  Halo Golf Club Hereford79
61st David Walton(12)  Gerrards Cross79
62nd Roger Neale(2)  Stratford Oaks79
63rd Paul Dakin(1) 79
64th John Cox(5)  Kirtlington79
65th Neil Clarke(10)  Arscott79
66th Steven Chaeger(13)  Robin Hood79
67th Ashley Wilding(3)  Robin Hood79
68th Michael Babbage(20)  Lilley Brook80
69th Nigel Kiernan(10)  Hollywood Golf Club Ltd Golf Club80
70th Carl Salmon(8)  Moseley80
71st Andrew Moss(14)  Lilley Brook80
72nd James Williams(15)  Maxstoke Park80
73rd Mark Hayward(16)  Handsworth80
74th Mark Williams(10) 80
75th Peter Makepeace(12)  Stonebridge Golf Centre80
76th Jason White(4)  Beau Desert81
77th Jason Nichols(18)  Hollywood Golf Club Ltd Golf Club81
78th Peter Cooper(8)  Nuneaton81
79th MARTIN MCGOWAN(4)  Moseley81
80th Jamie Shirley(12)  Maxstoke Park81
81st Tony King(10) 81
82nd Mike Coleman(16)  Gerrards Cross81
83rd Colin Duggan(10)  Hollywood Golf Club Ltd Golf Club82
84th Laurence Greatley(4)  Sutton Coldfield82
85th T Clancy(9)  Maxstoke Park82
86th Dean Matthews(16)  Moseley82
87th Colin Harness(17)  Styrrup Hall82
88th Harry Street(8)  Moseley82
89th Andy Babbage (B)(13)  Lilley Brook83
90th Eddie Robinson(10)  Lilley Brook83
91st Jamie Duggan(10)  Moseley83
92nd Anthony Hill(0)  Moseley84
93rd Kevin Keenan(18)  Haggs Castle Golf Club84
94th Brian Ahmed(10)  Maxstoke Park85
95th Andrew Compton(9)  Hollywood Golf Club Ltd Golf Club85
96th Andrew Hartley(14)  Lilley Brook85
97th Paul Richardson(9)  Moseley86
98th Dan Jones(5)  Nuneaton87
99th Philip Childs(8)  Hollywood Golf Club Ltd Golf Club87
100th Obi Okwuadigbo(13)  Bedfordshire87
101st Paul Warwick(10)  Ross-on-Wye88
102nd Josh Jinks(0)  Marriott Forest of Arden G & CC Ltd89
103rd Richard Sherrin-Jones(-1)  Maxstoke Park90
104th Gary Checketts(13)  Hollywood Golf Club Ltd Golf Club91
105th Steve Sear(16)  Ogbourne Downs92
106th Rory McLaren(8)  MoseleyNR
107th Nathan Whitehead(5)  Marriott Forest of Arden G & CC LtdNR
108th Richard Coward(17)  MoseleyNR

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